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Geothermal ESP Monitoring
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Welcome To Oxford Monitoring Solutions

Designing, manufacturing and installing downhole, surface and remote monitoring solutions for the artificial lift industry

ESP – GAS – JET – ROD – PCP Gauges

Oxford Monitoring Solutions specialise in monitoring and control solutions for Electric Submersible Pump (ESP), Gas Lift (GAS), Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP),

Reciprocating Rod Lift (ROD) and Jet pump (JET) applications with a product offering spanning simple pump-off control gauges

through to complete field automation solutions with remote web based monitoring.

Design & Development

As an established downhole gauge manufacturer with extensive experience in the design and development of comms over power and
TEC deployed gauge technology, Oxford Monitoring Solutions offer bespoke design and development services to customers seeking
complete turnkey solutions or to those interested in niche market segments

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