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ESP Gauge Systems
ESP Gauges by Oxford Monitoring Solutions enable operators to protect their ESP systems from well pump off and premature failure, whilst optimising well production. Simplicity, reliability and sophistication are combined into one package providing the benchmark in ESP monitoring.

Oxford ESP gauges are compatible with any brand, size and voltage of ESP motor, including permanent magnet motors. Motor adapters and WYE points are available to connect to any size and type of motor base. The gauge systems are available with temperature ratings from 100°C to 175°C, offering excellent value across their range of downhole applications. The gauge interface card can be set up in seconds to match an existing SCADA Modbus map.

The gauge systems are designed and supported by experts with more than 100 years of combined ESP gauge design and power line telemetry experience. Modern electronic components are carefully screened and incorporated into a gauge that is designed for long-term reliability and reduced lifetime ownership costs.




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Oxford ESP Gauge

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