Permanent Gauge

Oxford Permanent Gauge System
The Oxford Permanent Gauge brings Simplicity, Reliability and Sophistication together into a single design that features the very latest in advanced downhole monitoring technology, providing operators with access to valuable downhole data to enhance field production through controlled water injection management and artificial lift optimization.

With a proven design platform and independent testing at a UKAS-accredited environmental test laboratory in accordance with the AWES 'Recommended practice for the qualification of downhole instrumentation and sensors', the Oxford Permanent Gauge is a value-engineered and versatile solution that is compatible with a variety of artificial lift types, including Progressive Cavity Pump, Reciprocating Rod Lift, Hydraulic Jet Pump and Gas Lift.

• Temperature rating from 100°C to 165°C
• Compatible with PCP, ROD, JET, GAS lift applications
• Available with 1,450psi to 10,000psi sensor options
• Compatible with all sizes and types of tubing strings
• Fully welded design with pressure testable gauge head



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Permanent Gauge
Analog Gauge


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